Voice Control Clap Switch Kit High Sensitive LED Rhythm Bistable Switch assembled Kit


Kit name: Clap switch kit
Working voltage: 4.5-5.5V
PCB size: 27 x 49mm
Kit function: Clap hand once, LED lit, and then clap once again LED turn off, so the cycle.
Features: high sensitivity, about 4 meters clap can control.
Note: This is a assembled kit..

Package includes:

1 x PCB board
1 x MIC microphone head
1 x KF301-2P terminal block
1 x 47UF25V electrolytic capacitor
1 x 0.1UF50V electrolytic capacitor
4 x 104 monolithic capacitor
5 x 9013 transistor
1 x Colourful LED
2 x 1N4148 diode
1 x 510ohm resistance
8 x 4.7K resistance
6 x 10K resistance
1 x 750K resistance

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