Water Level Indication and Controller DIY kit

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Water overflow from water tanks is a frequent problem in all homes where people turn ON the water motor and forget to turn it off when the water is filled. Water Level Detector, a simple DIY electronics project is used to solve this problem thereby allowing water conservation. The students can implement this project cheaply without compromising the performance of the level detector.

Working of Water Level Detector:

The kit of this simple DIY electronics project consists a PCB board, resistors, capacitors, a relay, transistors, water tank, probes, a buzzer, a LED  and  power supply as its components. When the water level reaches at the maximum level this level indicator will produce an audible alarm thereby saving water. Probes of the circuit can be fixed inside the water tank just below the maximum level. When water level reaches at the required level, probes get shorted. So two transistors start to conduct and thereby it will activate the buzzer, LED and relay. It must be ensured that the distance between the probes is less than a few centimeters while fixing it inside the tank. Using relay we can connect an AC Alarm if preferred. 12V DC supply is required and it is very handy to use.

When there is no water up to the probes, the circuit will be open and the buzzer will not beep. The resistors in this simple DIY project are used to control the current .Various values of resistances are generally used to limit the current and also to get the desired voltage drop. Based on the reverse principle of piezoelectric effect, the buzzer produces the sound in the circuit. The red lead and black lead of the buzzer should be connected with proper. Capacitors used in this simple DIY electronics project stores the electric charge and then discharges it into the circuit. The probes can be made easily by using two insulated copper aluminum wires. At most care must be given while assembling the circuit on the good quality PCB board.



  • Water Level Detector can be used in applications like storage tanks, boilers etc. to indicate the level of water inside.
  • Water Level Detector electronics project can be used widely in industries and homes for level indication.

Water Level Detector is a simple DIY electronics project that can be implemented easily by students and all electronics aspirants.

Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to assemble it.

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