Engineering Mathematics: Volume II by Srivastava A. C., Srivastava P. K. PHI Learning

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Engineering Mathematics (Volume II) is designed to serve as a core text for the first-year undergraduate students of all branches of engineering of various Indian universities. The book presents ordinary differential equations of first order and higher orders along with their applications in solving various types of engineering problems. It elaborates solutions to differential equations in terms of series and applications of Bessel's and Legendre's functions. As the book advances, it deals with the Laplace transform and Fourier series in an easy-to-comprehend manner. The text also explains partial differential equations along with their applications such as wave applications, heat equations and transmission line equations. In addition, it explains the method of separation of variables for solving partial differential equations. KEY FEATURES : Interprets the theorems and their applications with extensive explanations. Provides a large number of solved examples to illustrate concepts. Offers extensive opportunities for students to practice through numerous problems. Table Of Contents: Contents Preface 1.DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 2.SERIES SOLUTIONS AND SPECIAL FUNCTIONS 3.LAPLACE TRANSFORM 4.FOURIER SERIES 5.PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 6.APPLICATIONS OF PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Index

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